On building a language from scratch: Part 1

For one reason or another, I convinced myself to create an entire fictional language when writing Birth of Blackheart. Has it made my world more rich and exciting? I darn sure hope so.

The first of many languages that came to me was the heavy-sounding Verisi (Veriotz, as the wonderful Shushana would correct me). At first, I really didn’t know how I wanted the language to sound, and much less how I wanted to approach its alphabet. I debated whether to imitate one of the many human dialects, with similar vowels, letters, and pronunciations. I also tossed an idea  around to have it be something never before seen. How did I decide? It was simple. I looked at the Veri objectively, and based on a myriad of factors, I asked myself the following question.

How would these dark-skinned, feline-looking creatures come to life? How would the sounds of their powerfully-projected voices cause others to whimper?

And so Verisi was born, a language far older than any human dialect, was born. I’ll be adding the Verisi alphabet soon, but for now, I’ll leave you with the vowels and consonants.

Verisi Vowels and Consonants

awe | eh | uh | ew

va | fe | ra | la

ee | hee | se | ze

ko | so | en | we

to | do | je

As the title states, this is only Part 1 of my On building a language from scratch series. Each post should go deeper into the madness that is Ashkar.


Shant Karadjian