On building a language from scratch: Part 2

I’m back with another iteration of this language series, and this time, I’ll be giving you a bit more information on the Verisi language. What will we be looking at? The alphabet. As you’ve already been familiarized with the language’s vowels and consonants, it should be a simple reference to the picture below, which is the first letter of the Veri alphabet:




The first letter we have on the Verisi alphabet is Awe, written as seen above. The second letter is Eh, written exactly the same way as Awe, but with a strong press of the brush above it. As you will begin to notice with the coming revelations is that each letter has two iterations. One without a dot, as seen with Awe above, and one with a dot, as seen with Eh. They are nearly identical, but are very different.

Since this post was short, I should have the next four letters posted shortly.


Shant Karadjian