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Birth of Blackheart is now free!

Yes, you heard that right. Birth of Blackheart is now free.

It’s been a month since the book was released, and after an equal amount of review, I’ve decided it would be best to get the novel into you, the reader’s, hands. All I ask from you prospective readers is a fair and honest review! That’s it! I truly hope you enjoy your time reading it!

You will be able to find Birth of Blackheart free in any format on for free. Other retailers should also reflect the new free.99 price shortly. As a thank you to those of you who took the chance on purchasing the book, you will be receiving the second novel of the series for free. Thank you.

As an update on book two, I’d like to announce that one of the many PoV characters will be Xerxes. Oh, you demonbane you!




Update on Book II of the Executioner Series

This past week has been fruitful for me in many ways, and by fruitful I mean productive. Before the release of Birth of Blackheart, I had worked on its sequel conservatively; mostly outlining. With that said, I am proud to announce that writing of the second novel is underway with the prologue already complete.

My expectation is to have the second novel done within the year. What kind of workload does that entail for me? At least 2000 words a day!