Update (7/13)

Late update this week, but I got some work done on all three books. Still working hard on the first one and getting it ready for August. It seems that everytime I open it up I find something to edit. Its important to me that I get it to be as good as I can, especially considering it will be the first impression. I’m considering putting the 3rd one on the side for a couple months (I’m still finishing it this year regardless) and putting all my effort behind the first 2 to make them as solid as can be.

Anyway, I’ve actually started expanding on reading lately (something that is very hard to do when writing on your own stuff). In particular, I’ve picked up The Name of the Wind, which I know is hugely popular. So far, even though I’ve only read a few pages, I can see why its hailed as one of the top fantasy series, and I’m excited to get through it.

The idea of the Scrael and the way Rothfuss describes the eerie feeling of such odd creatures and the mythos behind them was done very well. I’m sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Till next time.