Monthly Archives: August 2015

Update 8/13

Super late update this week. Not much in terms of new updates, but my gf is leaving for Canada next week for reasons neither of us are particularly happy with, which means I haven’t been as diligent with this stuff. I also was comparing my cover to others and how they are formatted for smaller screens, and I realized that it is very difficult to read the last word of the title, which means I have to get that fixed first anyway.

As far as updates on the writing goes, I’ve realized that rushing it won’t do me much good. And I say ‘rushing’ when I’ve spent nearly a year just writing the second/editing the first. Even still I don’t feel the first is ready (I’m super, super close), so with a tinge of regret I am withdrawing any definite dates to continue working on it. I get just one chance (Moreso in regards to the first entry of this series), which means there is no screwing it up.

Though it is unfortunate that I am pushing everything back yet again, at least I can state with absolute certainty that what I put out will be as good as can be.


Update 8/2

I wanted so dearly to have the book already released yesterday, but I decided to push it back just 1-2 weeks more to really hammer out the small stuff. By now, I’ve probably have gone through ten or so drafts. Each time, it gets faster and faster to get through, and I feel the book gets better and better. Not too long to go!