Not quite an update, but I’m thinking of offering my thoughts on books that I complete regularly. The latest book that I’ve read is Warcraft: Chronicle by Blizzard, and is more of an encyclopedia than an actual novel.

I’ve been a fan of Warcraft for a good part of my life, and throughout the years I’ve seen the lore stumble because of terrible choices driven by World of Warcraft, the popular game. Judging from Warcraft: Chronicle, it appears that Blizzard is at least trying to rectify plot holes and some weird lore choices.

The entire book chronicles the beginning of the universe up until the events of the first warcraft game, and consolidates everything in a nice package while filling in all the loose ends and tying up the plot holes.

Without spoiling it, there are major changes that Blizzard has made that completely change how the story began and how it’s going to end. Sargeras, a character that is the driving force behind a lot of the games, is shown for the first time. His motivations, which before have never been shared, are also elaborated on.

Some people may come to hate Blizzard’s decision, but at least we know what’s behind his choices.

Another great thing about the book is that there is a host of great artwork sprinkled throughout, depicting the Titans, the Elemental Lords, and ancient Azeroth. It’s really well done, and a nice touch between the text.

I give it a 5/5 because it’s well written, well drawn, and accomplished what it set out to do. There are two other chronicles in the series, I think, and I look forward to reading Blizzard’s revision and consolidation of more current events.