It’s been quite a while since my last update, being busy with life and all. But I have updates! Halcyon’s Dream: Tales of Ashkar Book Two is finally up for pre-order on amazon! You can find it here

It feels really good to have the next chapter in the story almost out. After BBDS came out, I wanted so badly to rush out Halcyon’s Dream as well given that I was on a roll. I’m glad I didn’t though. Taking my time allowed me to really polish Halcyon’s Dream, and I’m very happy with the result.

Speaking of on a roll, I am about 75% finished with my ‘little’ project Dragonsoul. I’m actually thinking of changing the title to something more suitable for the work, and once I’m finished with it I’ll be hammering out all the kinks and sending it to all the agents I can to hopefully have it published.

On top of that I will resume my work on Silent Requiem: Tales of Ashkar Book Three, which I will release next year sometime in the fall.

Last year was the first step, a small yet proud one in writing and publishing my first book. This year I hope to push even further. They say a series often piques more interest than a standalone, and if I were to get Dragonsoul published the old fashioned way then I can only imagine the kinds of exposure I’d get.

‘Till the next time.