Daredevil season 1 review 8/10

Daredevil-season-1I know I’m late to the party, but after the release of Iron Fist I decided to binge on the Defenders starting with Daredevil season 1. As someone who has kind of lost interest with Marvel films, I tried to go in without much expectation. Lots of people have been saying good things about the netflix shows, so I said why not.

I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not that big on tv series in the first place usually because of budgetary constraints and stretching out stories to last longer, but Daredevil was badass. I don’t think they could have picked a better Matt Murdock than Charlie Cox.

Not only does he nail Matt Murdock, but he also nails Daredevil. I feel that most actors tend to either capture the hero or the person, never both. (I’m looking at you, Christian Bale)

But Charlie is amazing. He is so good that I forget that he’s not actually blind, something that probably took a lot of practice. And talk about practice, he is a damn good choreographer as well. One of my concerns with a show like this was cheesy/bad choreography and quick cuts, but I was overjoyed when Daredevil was full of one take action scenes with no cuts.

Here’s where I think the show suffered a bit. Fisk, played by Vincent D’Onofrio, ┬ástarted out so good. I really liked the human touches on him that turned him from a typical evil guy to someone that actually feels real. My gripe with Fisk was that at certain points he felt a little too silly in the ways that he would lash out at others.

I also think they missed the mark with how they handled him and the other gangs that were in control. His whole story was about his dream to purify Hell’s Kitchen, and I think the writers were being sincere with that side of his character. But, it never felt like Fisk was actually doing anything about it. He already seemed like he was in control of the city, and if in the end it was all a facade and he’s just a power-hungry bad guy, then his entire character goes to waste.

Still, Daredevil was great. Another thing that I really liked about it was that the supporting cast was really top notch, especially Foggy and Karen. Overall, I’m pretty hopeful about the following seasons.

I give it 8/10.

I will also be continuing to do reviews on film, tv, games, and books. It’s really hard to get around to even doing anything other than focusing on my own stuff these days. Time is the most priceless of resources, and many times I wish I could just hop into a hyperbolic time chamber to catch up on everything.