Review of Amazon show Oasis

So I heard about this pilot of one of Amazon’s potential shows called Oasis. It is part of a group of shows that will have seasons ordered if they do well enough. Anyway, I heard some nice things about it and it has one of my favorite actresses, Antje Traue, so I decided to take a look.

Not only will fans of scifi and space travelĀ get a kick out of it, but so too will people who enjoy watching characters who feel alive. There’s plenty of emotion in just the pilot. The scifiĀ behind it is done respectfully, and the way they handle space travel and the assumed effects that it would have on the mind was awesome.

There’s plenty of heart here, both when it comes to the characters and scifi. It also has a religious aspect to it that intertwines well with the science. The ending leaves you hanging with some interesting mystery. Did I mention that it has Antje Traue in it? Anyway, I give it 5/5. Def worth a watch.