Spring updates!

Hey all! After several busy months both with life stuff and writing I am proud to say that I have completed my latest book, a scifi thriller with elements of romance, horror, and even erotica!
So what does this mean with my other books? I’ve set this new book aside to be traditional publishing only. That is, I will be seeking representation from an agent in order to find a publisher; this book will forever remain in darkness until someone chooses to publish it.
This marks a change in my approach to my career as an author. It is evident that my focus on self publishing, while satisfying and enjoyable with creativity and control, has not warranted the level of exposure that matches my ambition.
For those who have enjoyed my works thus far, fret not. After finishing the scifi thriller I am now back to working on Dragonsoul 2, and then the next entry in the Tales of Ashkar series after that. Nothing regarding these works is changing, and I will never give up on finishing their respective stories.
In other news, look out for my events this year including Megacon orlando coming up in May as well as other summer events to come!

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