Check out this wonderful review of Silent Requiem

I wanted to post this review of my latest book from a reader who has read all three of my Tales of Ashkar books.
It may sound silly but I kind of got emotional reading it just because it felt like a complete stranger who decided to check out my books understood me, my intent, and my creative expression. Sometimes I get reviews where the reader may not have understood it or did not enjoy it for whatever reason, and sometimes that hurts.
But to see this kind of reaction gives me a feeling I’ve only felt in a few other occasions in my life. This could be trivial to many, but it’s so much more to me.
Even though I’m on my 6th book and have dropped thousands just to publish them all I haven’t turned a positive profit (and am really far from it actually), it’s reviews like these that give me all I need to continue.
Check it out here, and a big thanks to Elmax.

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