Hello everyone! I know it’s been a little while since my last post as life has been very hectic lately with lots of new things happening. For one, my wife and I are expecting our first child, so that’s definitely taken priority.

Of course, this means an evaluation of our finances and resources, and with my fiction being quite the money sink with very little return, I’ve had to set it aside for a bit while I focus on my fitness business.

So what does this mean for my upcoming works? Think of this as a temporary pause while I shift my focus for a little bit. I’m pretty sure I can still beat out George Martin with his timing, but for now my priorities have been on building up the fitness side of things, which includes a book of its own that I am working on.

Anyway, I am always working on my stories, so keep your eyes peeled for news regarding future releases!


Come by Booth Q10 in the Artist Alley at Supercon and say hi, then enjoy a beach day! (The convention center is right next to Las Olas!)95E1422A-2A66-4350-B11D-41ECDA2DCC08.jpeg


Check me out this weekend at SuperCon! I will be selling Books 1-3 of Tales of Ashkar, Dragonsoul, and posters from Dragonsoul! Booth Q10 in the Artist Alley, don’t miss out.


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Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me during MegaCon! Check out some of the highlights. We ended up selling out on Dragonsoul and Silent Requiem.

Next up is SuperCon, so if you’re in the area and itching to grab another signed copy check me out in Ft. Lauderdale!




Come say hello at Booth 204A in the Artist Alley close to the celebrity area! I will be bringing along with me the first three books in the Tales of Ashkar series as well as Dragonsoul. Check out Silent Requiem: Tales of Ashkar Book Three:


I will also have a beautiful poster from an iconic scene from Dragonsoul for you to take home for only five bucks! Check it out below.