Characters of Dragonsoul


Age: 14

Height: 5’7″

Build: Athletic

Eye color: Gray

Hair color: Gray

Favorite pastime: Dreaming of what lies beyond

Favorite food: Ma’s apple pie

Bio: A young farmer living on a farm with his grandparents, Denyth is and has always been a dreamer. Despite being born in a world of gray, Denyth knows that there is something more out there. For as long as he can remember he’s had colorful books describing a magical land called Evenar and all the wonderful things about it: color in all things, from green fields to the blue sky. And not only is Evenar a colorful land, but also a land of magical beings.

Dragons, fairies, trolls, goblins, and more, Evenar is the perfect paradise that Denyth dreams of. To his surprise, he stumbles upon an egg during an excursion through a nearby forest. When it hatches into a blue scaled dragon with orange eyes, Denyth calls the little guy Littlehorn. Together, the two set out on a journey to discover the hidden secrets of the world.



Age: Newly born

Height (From head to tail): 3’6″

Build: Cute

Eye color: Orange

Skin color: Blue

Favorite pastime: Adventuring with Denyth

Favorite food: Everything

Bio: The last of his kind, Littlehorn is brought into a world nothing like him. Both his color and his optimistic view of life is something that hasn’t been seen in the world in a long time. Unbeknownst to him and Denyth, dragons have a long history with both humans and Evenar. As the two delve deeper into the mysteries of the Gloom, they must face a harsh truth about dragons, one that will change Littlehorn forever.



Age: Unknown

Height: 5’10”

Build: Athletic

Eye color: Unknown

Skin color: Unknown

Favorite pastime: None

Favorite food: None

Bio: The mysterious leader of the Deprived, a group of knights faithful to the king of Hainabal. Zero was the first to shed all identity, feeling, and desire and donned the mask the group is notorious for. Faceless and void, those in the Deprived relinquish their names and are given numbers instead.

D-Zero, or Zero, is not only known by that moniker. Those in the kingdom of Hainabal and elsewhere have dubbed him many names, one popular one being ‘dragon-hunter’. For most of his life, Zero has been charged with scrubbing the world of all color in the name of King Tayen.

Now, he’s coming for Denyth and Littlehorn. But is Zero an empty husk, or is there still something that he holds onto?