Age: 101 serraemascloseup

Height: 5’11”

Build: Slim

Weapon: Staff

Elemental: Zaranet

Element(s): Ice

Favorite pastime: Thinking in isolation

Favorite food: Tarue vanilla cupcakes

Bio: One of the first of human elementalists to form a bond with an elemental, Serraemas is born into a world of strife and pain. While the pain is not only his own, a younger Serraemas decides to bear the burden in order to better the world. But suffering was still not satisfied after Serraemas lost his parents to bandits at a young age. As Serraemas grows older, the more the weight of the burden seeks to crush him.

What started out as a quest to make the world a better place may lead Serraemas to seek its destruction instead.


Age: 86raxxil

Height: 6’4″

Build: BUILT

Weapon: Hammer

Elemental: Vrand

Element(s): Fire

Favorite pastime: Smashing anything in his way

Favorite food: Spicy barbecue

Bio: Born in the harsh Ghadji Desert, Raxxil grew up in an impoverished household, scraping by on whatever his family could. At around the age of 18, Raxxil is recruited by the Order of the Faith in the city of Lenas, pledging his loyalty and body in the promise that his family would be protected and taken care of.

A newer faith, the Order of the Faith finds itself in conflicts from all sides, including the Northern Tribes, who have rallied to rid Onturi of the Order of the Faith and its heretic scripture. Caught in the Daon War of 4932, Raxxil is trained to fight for the Order of the Faith and defend it from whoever seeks to eradicate the Faith.

But the Order of the Faith could not keep its promise, and a rage-fueled Raxxil unleashes a fire the likes of which no one has ever seen. Rumors of the war-ending battle describe a fiery creature that burned Lenasian soldier and Northern Tribesman alike. Some say it was Raxxil, dubbing him Raxxil the Volcano.

Raxxil disappeared after the ending of the war, named a traitor by the very order that he served to protect.


erendilAge: 16

Height: 6’5″

Build: Athletic

Weapon: Bow

Elemental: Akaba

Element(s): Darkness

Favorite pastime: Exploring the world and meeting new people

Favorite food: Whatever someone else likes

Bio: An unusual towrth, in more ways than one. Erendil was born blind, at least in the conventional sense. His parents abandoned him as a cursed infant, though he was found and raised by Sora, the mysterious leader of the Skyward Hands. Erendil grew to speak Maurtotz, the common tongue, and learned the mannerisms one would expect of a human.

And while he is technically blind, Erendil has a far greater vision than eyes could ever grant. While he can’t detect color, his strange vision grants him the ability to map out his surroundings, an edge for a bowman. Even more unusual is the fact that Erendil’s elemental had long since been sealed away by Sora, though not even Serraemas knows why.



Age: 18

Height: 5′ 7″

Build: Slim

Weapon: Sword

Elemental: Cadence

Element(s): Time

Favorite pastime: Spending time with Raxxil

Favorite food: Any pastry

Bio: Orphaned at age eight at the hands of demons, Arwynn was rescued by Serraemas, Raxxil, and Erendil. Ever since, she has remained in their care. Even at a young age, Arwynn had a particular fondness for Raxxil, both because he called her by a different name and also because he looked after her like no other. But while Raxxil thinks of her as a long-lost sibling, Arwynn’s feelings for Raxxil are romantic in nature.

In that struggle to attain Raxxil’s affection, Arwynn finds herself at odds with Samantha, who also has a fondness for the hammer-wielding elementalist. When Arwynn comes to terms with how Raxxil really thinks of her, she must make a hard decision, one that will change her path forever.



Age: 104

Height: 6′ 0″

Build: Athletic

Weapon: Sword

Elemental: Telaren

Element(s): Fire and Ice

Favorite Pastime: Seeking the good in others

Favorite food: Smoked Gavarian Jitu

Bio: A curious blend of fire and ice, Incindir was born with heterochromia–one eye of blue and the other orange. In that duality is and has always been Incindir’s struggle, a balance between his warmth of others but also his coldness and desire of isolation.

Once a member of the Skyward Hands, the splintering of the group left Incindir alone in pursuing the once noble vision of the group–to defend the innocent from tyrants and to make Ashkar a better place. With the arrival of Halcyon and the knowledge of an ancient prophecy, Incindir tasks himself with continuing that dream. One elementalist can’t do it alone, but Incindir believes himself to be cursed; all those around him meet unfortunate ends.

Incindir struggles to seek the aid of others, placing the burden of the Child of Light upon himself. And when he does submit to Halcyon’s wishes of recruiting the aid of those who are good, Incindir battles with the thought of losing even more friends.



Age: 17

Height: 5′ 6″

Build: Slim

Weapon: Chakram

Elemental: Tohuqan

Element(s): Water and Lightning

Favorite pastime: Swimming the waters of the Vical Ocean

Favorite food: Grilled Kumba wrapped in seaweed

Bio: The daughter of a prominent Seamender ambassador, Ciace had only recently stepped foot on land; most of her life had been spent under the ocean waters, far from the surface-dwellers and in the heart of the Seamender civilization. Naive and a bit pompous, Ciace has no love for the surface nor those who walk upon it. It is only when she meets Rhondo, a kivu warrior on the quest for glory, does she come to enjoy the company of anyone not seamender.

With the ability to command both water and lightning, Ciace finds herself with powers she always turned away from. When tragedy strikes, Ciace is forced to train her abilities and grow stronger. But as time goes on, the reason why becomes more unclear. Ciace struggles to find her place in the world–both on the surface and underwater, and the more answers she seeks the darker her world grows around her.



Age: 28

Height: 6′ 0″

Build: Muscular

Weapon: Sword and horn

Elemental: Kavem

Element(s): Wind

Favorite pastime: Helping those in need

Favorite food: Steak and potatoes

Bio: At a young age, Samantha was recruited by the Order of the Faith to serve. Since then, Samantha has carried forth the Faith’s teachings, both in her personal life and in her life as a Knight of the Faith. In a twist of events, Samantha’s path crosses with that of Raxxil’s, a former and legendary Knight of the Faith. Her meeting with Raxxil sparks a journey of discovery for Samantha, and when war is ignited between the Order of the Faith and Arcadia for the Child of Light, Samantha finds herself at a crossroads.

Should she follow Jace Liberty, leader of the Order of the Faith, or should she defend Arcadia, a noble and virtuous kingdom? Both Samantha’s beliefs and character is tested, and she struggles with the idea of picking a side. Should she go with her heart, or should she follow what she has been taught?



Age: 36

Height: 5′ 10″

Build: Athletic

Weapon: Crossbow

Elemental: Trueshot

Element(s): Lightning

Favorite pastime: Undoing injustice

Favorite food: Jerky

Bio: A self-proclaimed bounty hunter, Darius is perhaps the worst bounty hunter in history. A soul born to tragedy, Darius was misled for most of his young life to think that the scoundrel who raised him was his father. After living a life of hedonism, Darius discovers the truth and seeks to clean his bloody hands.

Troubled by guilt and the weight of spilled blood, Darius offers aid to anyone who might need it, be it Serraemas and his cohort, Graeme, or even defending Arcadia from the forces of the Order of the Faith. With his quick mouth and quicker finger, Darius hopes that he can do just enough before he passes on to undo all the wrong in his past.