Join the Skyward Hands

Join the Skyward Hands and have a direct role in helping Kayl bring his universes to life!

The Skyward Hands was once a pillar of hope. Nearly a hundred years ago, several powerful elementalists came together with a united dream: to defend Ashkar’s innocent and deliver it from tyranny. While a small rebel group, the Skyward Hands was comprised of Serraemas, Incindir, Raxxil, Endelis, Sora, and others.

But on one fateful day, the group splintered into two. Many perished during a mission gone wrong, forcing Serraemas, Sora, Raxxil, and part of the Skyward Hands to one side while Incindir, Endelis, and a few others left. Such was the tragedy of that day that the two have clashed ever since, bringing Ashkar closer to its doom.

But you can help save it by joining the Skyward Hands and being part of an elite team!

What does it mean to join the Skyward Hands? Here’s a quick list of how you can help:

  • Have an active role in promoting my works on both social media and with word of mouth.
  • Like, share, comment, and interact with me online and also events such as conventions and signings.
  • Purchasing and reviewing new releases as close to its release date as possible. This helps with Amazon ranking and getting the books to more readers.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to help, and anything is always appreciated!

Here’s a few things that you get in return for being a part of the Skyward Hands:

  • Placed into a raffle every month for prizes such as Amazon gift cards, t-shirts, signed copies, prints, and other goodies from my works.
  • Access to the Skyward Hands facebook group, a secret club where you can chat with me and other fans while also getting sneak peeks, updates, and other content not released elsewhere!
  • Have an active role in building up my brand, netting you brownie points and bragging rights!
  • Your very own adventure to discover your elemental and become an elementalist. Choose one of ten elements–fire, water, air, ice, lightning, earth, time, space, light, or dark–and visit the Elemental Plane. Once you’ve claimed your weapon, share your story with myself and other fellow members of the Skyward Hands!

Ready to join? Just fill out the information below and you’ll be on your way to becoming a member of the Skyward Hands!