So, it’s been quite a while since my latest update so this one’s gonna be a big one. In my previous posts I mentioned that my focus was back onto the third entry in my Tales of Ashkar series after the release of Dragonsoul.

Since then, I’ve actually picked up an additional project out of the blue, and it’s actually nonfiction. Strange it would seem, a fiction writer delving into the other side. But this project is dear to me, as it is a transcription of my great grandfather’s lifelong experiences that he wrote in a journal many years ago.

The most interesting, and most encompassing, thing he wrote in his journal was his experiences during the Armenian Genocide, which occurred mainly during 1915. Reading through his journal has given me a lot of insight into that era, and I can’t wait to release it. I’m aiming for sometime this summer, or even earlier.

Back onto fiction. I’m still working on Tales of Ashkar: Silent Requiem, and it is probable that I finish the rough draft it early summer with plenty of time to have it beta read and polished for a fall release. After I complete the rough draft I will shift focus to start on a Pizzolatto-inspired kaiju novel that has romance/erotic elements to it. It will definitely be a different direction and aimed at a more mature audience than my other stuff.

On the topic of Tales of Ashkar, I am happy to release the finished map of Terra–the continent of Ashkar that includes the regions Makka, Terra Nort, and Terra Sur, all in one map.

Lastly, I will be enrolling in Smashwords’s Read an Ebook Week promotion, where all three of my books will be free on Smashwords from March 5th until March 11th. You can find the links to all three below:

Broken Blades Don’t Sing:

Halcyon’s Dream:


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Just wanted to give a quick update. From now until Dec. 5th, grab Broken Blades Don’t Sing and Dragonsoul for only .99 cents!

‘Till next time.


Well, folks, I announced the release of the ebook version of Dragonsoul back in October, and I am stoked to announce its paperback is here!

You can find it here:

Soon to come is Halcyon’s Dream on paperback, along with the next phase of this wonderful adventure!



Quick update. Tried Kickstarter, but the format doesn’t quite fit ongoing writing, and so I’ve decided to do Patreon instead. It’s crowdfunding like Kickstarter, but it works differently. Instead of hitting a particular goal, its more like a subscription with frequent updates. It makes a lot more sense.

Here’s the link:

You can pledge as little as $1.00 for chapter releases every tuesday and thursday of my newer works, which are yet to be published! The money will be a huge help for promotion, including events such as conventions. This way, I can continue to chase my dream 🙂


Good news, everyone! Dragonsoul is here! You can find it on Amazon here:

Only the ebook is out now, but I’m working on getting the print version out too.

On another note, more exciting news on Halcyon’s Dream dropping soon 🙂