Late update this week, but I got some work done on all three books. Still working hard on the first one and getting it ready for August. It seems that everytime I open it up I find something to edit. Its important to me that I get it to be as good as I can, especially considering it will be the first impression. I’m considering putting the 3rd one on the side for a couple months (I’m still finishing it this year regardless) and putting all my effort behind the first 2 to make them as solid as can be.

Anyway, I’ve actually started expanding on reading lately (something that is very hard to do when writing on your own stuff). In particular, I’ve picked up The Name of the Wind, which I know is hugely popular. So far, even though I’ve only read a few pages, I can see why its hailed as one of the top fantasy series, and I’m excited to get through it.

The idea of the Scrael and the way Rothfuss describes the eerie feeling of such odd creatures and the mythos behind them was done very well. I’m sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Till next time.


Alright, so the last update I posted was way back in April, and I haven’t posted again until now because, quite frankly, there wasn’t much to post on. I’ve been working hard since–not only on the first book but also the second book–and at this point in time I’m just about ready to get things moving.

When I initially began writing, I had no idea the magnitude that is editing when it comes to the writing process. Yeah that’s what you hear a lot about–that editing is a long, arduous process, and is more often than not a longer process than actually writing the book itself. When I finished the first book in November of 2014, I had thought that my editing process would only be about 1-2 months. It had taken me 10 months to finish the book, so of course I wouldn’t need to spend too much time fixing it up, right?

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I had first originally planned on releasing it February of this year. Then it was March, and then May. Every time I run through my first book, I always find something to modify or augment. Coupled with the fact that as I was writing my second novel my skill increased and I had to maintain consistency between both books, I was beset with changes upon changes–almost overwhelmingly so. All the while, I was working hard on finishing my second novel. And despite me wanting to release it but holding off on doing so, I am glad I wasn’t impulsive. The book needed to wait.

And that is the reason why there has been the long drought between updates.

A couple weeks ago I finished the second novel. With that on the backburner, I went back to finish my edits, and I can safely say that Broken Blades Don’t Sing (Tales of Ashkar Book One) will be arriving on August 1st on Amazon, Smashwords, and other e-publishing sites for free.

Furthermore, my second novel will be released just a month after, on September 1st. The train doesn’t stop there either, I begin on my 3rd book tomorrow, and since I have the ball rolling I will be posting continuous updates every Sunday, ranging from Q&As, progress, and other fun tidbits. I am super excited to be finally releasing what I’ve been working on for a year and a half, and I hope that the universe, characters, and story I’ve created with my heart and soul is something that readers can get through, put down, and not regret that they picked it up in the first place.

tl;dr – First book comes out August 1st, 2015. Second will follow soon after on September 1st, 2015. I start on the 3rd this week, and weekly updates on progress.


Alright, so it’s been quite a while since there’s been any updates on Tales of Ashkar as I’ve been slaving away at not only the first book of my series but also the second. In the meantime I’ve been editing like a madman, having close friends beta read and make sure it’s not garbage, and getting the cover done. Anyway, here we go!

The cover, finally finished in all of its glory:


So, what now? Still editing a little bit on the first, but ramping up on the second heavily. My current plan is to make sure the first is as good as it can be, then release about a month prior to the second one. An ideal situation, of course, so we’ll see. At least things are moving along.


Hello everyone, Kayl Karadjian here! I haven’t posted much yet as I have been focusing my efforts on completing my first book. Alas! I have finally finished, and it is time for me to edit and make it the best I can. I have a tentative title set, but I haven’t finalized it. The editing process should take me a couple weeks to a month, but it will soon be in your hands! Stay tuned.

Best Regards,



Yes, you heard that right. Birth of Blackheart is now free.

It’s been a month since the book was released, and after an equal amount of review, I’ve decided it would be best to get the novel into you, the reader’s, hands. All I ask from you prospective readers is a fair and honest review! That’s it! I truly hope you enjoy your time reading it!

You will be able to find Birth of Blackheart free in any format on for free. Other retailers should also reflect the new free.99 price shortly. As a thank you to those of you who took the chance on purchasing the book, you will be receiving the second novel of the series for free. Thank you.

As an update on book two, I’d like to announce that one of the many PoV characters will be Xerxes. Oh, you demonbane you!