Just got back from Animate! Florida in Miami this past weekend, and back-to-back weekends with Megacon being the weekend prior was draining. But it was all worth it because I met many great people and had a blast.

These events were actually my first two as a vendor. It’s become clear that I’ve been missing out on a crucial way to meet fans and get my stories out there. I’ve been writing for almost four years now, and I think I’ve spent a good two of them approaching promotion the wrong way.

For the most part, I’ve stuck to online promotions to try and get my work out there. That includes reaching out to bloggers for reviews, paid promotion to attract people to my pages, and to promote my ebooks to boost my rankings.

While none of those are necessarily going away, I’ve untapped an important and special way of reaching people until now. There was nothing more thrilling than chatting with lovers of fantasy, games, and anime these past weekends. The feel of being face-to-face with people rather than accounts online was so much more satisfying, and it has rekindled my passion for what I do.

I have to admit that the months leading up to these events had found me unmotivated and doubtful, to the point where I considered quitting many times. I could barely push myself to write. It felt like I was going nowhere.

Moving forward, I’m going to hit it that much harder. Look forward to the cover reveal and release date of Tales of Ashkar Book Three: Silent Requiem soon, as well as my upcoming projects. I will be attending more events to come, possibly Paradise City Con in January, but for sure Megacon Orlando in May.

And I’m looking even bigger. If fate allows it, I’ll be attending San Diego Comiccon next july! I’m going to give it my all, and I’m never going to let go of my dream. I love to write. It’s the expression of my soul laid bare for everyone to see, and I’m not going to let anyone or anything stop me from doing it.

‘Til next time.


Garen is the latest continent to be mapped by the talented James Hunter-Shortland.

It is the westernmost continent in Ashkar, and goes by two names. The technologically advanced Veri call it Garen, while the more primal Dommogin know it as Dommoginar.

And it is these two races that clash constantly on their homeland. The Veri live south of the wall at Garen’s southern peninsula, while the Dommogin roam the vast central and southwestern parts, sharing the continent with the brutish Gorrin in Gorgor, savage Towrth in Reshatep, and other lesser creatures in the wildlands.

Up to this point, Garen has mot been relevant, though its history–and future–are very connected to Ashkar’s story.

The Veri guard what has been named Hell’s Keyhole, although what that means to Ashkar–and to you–will only be revealed in the later Ashkar books.Garen DRAFT v2.0